GLogoSmallreetings, you have met me in the middle of a redesign, actually redesigning all of my sites. In the meantime, here are some quick links to help out.
I finally decided on a design look, so the rest should move along well 🙂
Looking for hosting? Visit Here for hosting starting at 3.95 a month. I used this service for years before getting my own shared server. BlueHost is user friendly, loads of free tools, free domain name and more. Yes I am an affiliate, so far the only company I do affiliate with.!

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Recently Completed An ecommerce site selling handmade jewelry and gifts. Running specials, coupons,it has stock management, buyer profiles, plugged into paypal and a shipping method.
Animal Outreach Project; Local Pet food bank and discount pet care services. Design,Hosting,Domain name,Site Maintenance and promotion

Just finished a super fun project for 50 custom vinyl banner templates

Please note I will no longer be on upwork. Fees have doubled for freelancers (20+ percent) plus the member fees have increased, and now clients are charged to post jobs.  As far as online freelance platforms, I’m all about